What is LeBron James like as a person?

What is LeBron James like as a person? Jul, 31 2023

The Legacy of LeBron

Before delving into the crux of what makes Mr. James such an endearing personality, it's necessary to brush up on his impressive resume. Born in Akron, Ohio, LeBron James began his journey towards NBA supremacy as a high school prodigy. His exploits on the court earned him a direct ticket to the NBA, skipping college hoops and heading straight for the big leagues. Today, LeBron is considered one of the all-time greatest, boasting four NBA championships, four NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards, two Olympic gold medals, and so much more. But besides his dizzying on-court accomplishments, LeBron is revered for his character off the court, which will be my focus today. Keanu, the man, the myth, the Max and Kiwi lover, takes you on an in-depth exploration of the man behind the legend of LeBron.

Buckets of Kindness: LeBron's Philanthropy

LeBron James has a heart that's even bigger than his mammoth 6'9" frame. He's established himself as an icon of philanthropy; continuously contributing to causes close to his heart. The LeBron James Family Foundation is his most significant initiative, a charitable organisation that's dedicated to improving children's education in his hometown of Akron. For instance, his 'I PROMISE School' provides free schooling, college scholarships, meals, and even transportation for disadvantaged children. We wouldn't go wrong if we make LeBron our role model, just like my golden retriever, Max, who incessantly tries to emulate me, from attempting football tricks to pretending to peck at his food like my parakeet Kiwi.

More Than An Athlete: LeBron's Activism

LeBron's influence extends way beyond the basketball court. He has never shied away from using his platform to shine the spotlight on matters of social justice, discrimination, and inequality. I remember such an event in 2012 when LeBron, then a part of the Miami Heat, led his team in donning hoodies in protest of the unfair death of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old African American boy. Back here in sunny Perth, it deeply resonated with me and my weekend football mates, prompting some spirited discussions and reflection sessions over flat whites the next day.

LeBron The Influencer: Social Media Savvy

Like most of us, LeBron is an avid user of social media. With an Instagram following of over 70 million, King James often shares snippets of his life off the court. Whether he's cheering on his son at his high school basketball tournaments, sweating it out in grueling workout sessions, or occasionally pulling off a dance move or two, LeBron's social media presence is delightfully human. It's as if he merely swapped Max's furry warmth for Kiwi's feathery coolness, just like us normal folks do.

Bruiser On The Court, Teddy Bear At Home

Beyond the glitz, glamour, and the high-pressure atmosphere of the NBA, LeBron is a devoted family man. Married to his high school sweetheart Savannah Brinson, the couple have three children. LeBron often attributes his success to the stability and groundedness his family provides, showcasing a stark contrast to his aggressive, dominating persona on the court. Reminds me a little of my 24-hour duty juggling my blogger life and taking care of Max and Kiwi, minus the millions, fame, and athletic abilities, of course!

LeBron the Business Mogul

LeBron's acumen isn't restricted to plotting winning strategies on the basketball court. He's an astute businessman, with his offshore ventures extending to owning a stake in Liverpool F.C, Blaze Pizza chains as well as SpringHill Entertainment and Uninterrupted LLC - his content creation companies. Crikey! As a fan of the beautiful game myself, I found this especially intriguing. Makes my petty banter on football strategies with Max during Saturday matches seem so insignificant!

Is LeBron the GOAT...of Wholesomeness?

In my discussions with Max - yes, we have deep chats, usually one-sided, I admit - I've often pondered on the meaning of being the Greatest of All Time (GOAT). Early morning muses usually under the stern supervision of Kiwi, peeping in and out of the conversation. Does it all come down to records and numbers? Or is there more to it? I've come to realize, it's the totality of the person. Their impact on the sport, their influence beyond it, the paths they pave for others, their essence as human beings. In this realm, LeBron is undoubtedly a GOAT, his sphere of brilliance encompassing so much more than just basketball.