A more detailed explanation of your options.

When building the SportsLife website, we have tried to take into account everybody in the web community.  We want to provide you with the easiest and most efficient way to get the information you need.  Choosing this option will take you to a more "text-based" and faster loading site.  All the content is here that you need, but we left out most of the graphics to speed up your downloading time.

As the web has developed and faster ISPs have become available, many people have switched to higher speed modems, and can handle a little more graphics on their pages.  After all, graphics can make the pages interesting and add character to the site.  Choosing this option will give you the look and feel that SportsLife was looking for when they built their site.  It is also important to note that their is some content on the pages that use "actions" or technically known as DHTML that is only available in 4.0 and higher browsers.  You can still view these pages with 3.0 browsers, but you may miss out on some of the fun!

This is what the web is all about!  Whether or not people develop web sites in the future with Macromedia's Flash format, it will definately include the amazing animations and interactivity that Flash has proven to amaze us with.  Flash 3 is a FREE browser plug-in and will work with 3.0 and higher browsers.  Flash 3 also streamlines as it downloads information, so all you need is a 28.8 or higher connection.  Don't have the plug-in?  Get it here.

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